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About Varied / Student Core Member DyeDy/DessaBrazil Group :iconanthro-mania: Anthro-Mania
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Floooofs by Southrobin

Favorite Music Atm:

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Pixel: Lotus by LeilaBC

Hey,I'm Dessa ~

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ID by aiquu
My Mood: Dead here
Last Update: 06/01/17

Important !

Important Things
FREE Classy Status button: Commissions are open by koffeelam TradesAreClosed by Minerea FREE Classy Status button: I don't do requests by koffeelam

Paypal n Point Comissions: PricesWhat i can draw:
What i may draw:
-Mild Sexual Theme
What i dont draw:
-Hate art
-Intensive Sexual or Gore Theme
- Sketches -
Bust: 100 :points:/1USD$
Half Body: 200 Points/ 2USD$
Full Body: 300 :points:/3USD$

- Traditional Art -
Sketch Bust: 100 :points:/1USD$
Sketch Half Body: 200 Points/2USD$
Sketch Full Body: 300 :points:/3USD$
Chibi: 200:points:/2USD$

- Traditional Inkwork -
Bust: 200 :points:/2USD$
Half Body: 300 Points/3USD$
Full Body: 400 :points:/4USD$
Chibi: 300:points:/3USD$

- Watercolor -
Chibi: 400 :points: /4USD$
Bust: 300 :points:/3USD$
Half Body: 500 Points/5USD$
Full Body: 700 [Points]/7USD$
To do list and Wait list - PEOPLE WHO OWN ME !Current Status: Check it on my profile !~
My to do list:
- Art Trades -
- Point Comissions List -
:iconxxcaramelauroraxx: ( Fullbody couple )
People who own me something:
Pairing List- Breaking Inactive Couples !!!EDIT: So i finally got courage to update this damn problem that is making me feel uncomfortable too long already,THIS HAS NO INTENTION TO HURT ANYONE,but to clarify some things that are too long already as problem please those who are involved dont be mad at me cuz i already warned/tried to communicate with you guys on Skype about it sometimes and since i got no response im doing it or just because the couple is not longer in use for inactiveness (im not blaming,its not none of our faults it just happened),dont be offended if im being rude i apologize and hope you to understand please.
Couples i'm breaking:
( Dyon X Jean ) Lauretta-Chan
( Luke X Si ) lazyfoxxx
( Connor X Nickolai ) AnimeNeko123
( Zuko X Annabell ) IKira-n
( Monalisa X Tyberius ) noahjayne ( iM ACTUALLY ASKIN MAMA GASP if u dont feel like liking them anymore its all okay we have our other couple uvu and i dont use Monalisa at all so im asking if you still wanna keep them or nvm xD )
Selling Charas - Huge Sale!EDIT: Accepting Paypal by aswell now,Remenber 100 :points: = 1USD$
- Im selling those charas because i dont use them anymore for a long time,i dont like make my charas inactive as couples too soo if you see me seeling any chara that had a couple,is because the couple was pretty dead and i didnt liked my own chara
- Please dont comment pity or bad comments to make me feel bad because seriously i do whatever with my charas and yeh i care but yet its my choice respect it !
- You can resell but NOT for a higher price or please give me it back so i solve it if you dont want anymore
- SAVE THE PICS AFTER BUYING !! after you buy a chara i will delete the pics in one week or less so pay attention!
- I dont hold charas to anyone here because theyre cheap and the points are not the reason of the sale,but find better homes to those charas
Check here if you wanna check them -->
- Current Adopts Open -

By RoseVeil
By RoseVeil


Apr 28, 2017
7:12 pm
Apr 28, 2017
1:22 pm
Apr 27, 2017
3:35 am
Apr 27, 2017
1:38 am
Apr 26, 2017
11:57 am


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