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About Varied / Student Premium Member DyeDy/DessaBrazil Groups :icontakeshi-fanclub: Takeshi-Fanclub
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Deviant for 3 Years
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Given by KantaJunkage
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Fav Things ~

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Favourite Stamps
Disconnected Rage Stamp by KhrinxI Don't Care stamp by HarukaWindShut Up by Fyi-SusBusy, extremely busy by Knight1313Forgetful by prosaixStudying Stamp by Kezzi-RoseI imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfateComments Stamp by MrsZeldaLinkForever lazy by prosaixSlow interwebz by prosaixSexy Squidward is Sexy by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeSpongebob stamp by LedMaidenSpongebob OMG Stamp by Fyi-SusNothing else to do. by Tbearmn22Run Patrick Run by Fyi-SusNPH is sick of this by The-Emerald-OtterNeil Patrick + Elmo Dance by The-Emerald-OtterHomer stamp by Strange-little-catHahaha Stamp by Drake1MARVEL Thor + Hulk Stamp by TwilightProwlerMARVEL Avengers Group Circle Stamp by TwilightProwlerLoki Hiddles Smile Stamp by TwilightProwlerLoki by CapsiclesOwls by paramoreSUCKSOP Troll Face Luffy stamp by MariaPereiraBunneh Noses by azianwolfdollWoo hoo! by tenzin-woohooplzA no E: Rin in the rain by Kaze-yoRegular Show Stamp: Ohhh Spin by ZenityHamboning stamp by DannyCat-X3Adventure Time Stamp by Trillo-LilloAlice Madness Returns Stamp by HystericDesignsPlants vs. Zombies by JtDanielSTAMP- Assassin's Creed Fan by Sister-of-CharityPokemon Stamp by MarkiSanDoge stamp by TrollcreaKKing Kazma by Miss-Dicessamerican horror story stamp 3 by gothicmermaid13Marriage Team stamp by FuneralCat

Precious People !!!

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( Ps: This list is only for the Active people who talk with me,so even you're not there it don't mean we are not friends ~ )

Mah Bbys/Nice Pals

(They inspire me and are amazing persons ahh)

The Only Lord Demon/Nii-san Ever Had In Mah Lifeh
( Aaaaah i must go at u in real life ur damn thing hnnnnnnnnnnnng :heart: )

Sunshine Waifu
( can i love you forever ? :heart: )

( YOLO i have wifes in EVERYWHERE //shot :heart: )

( Because with many wifes u get many childs //shot )



She's my Sunshine ♥

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I love you ♥


~Together since 11/15/2014 ~

I was so dark by inside,depressed,without any motivation to live
life had been always so hard i was so tired of keep going on alone
but i could see even if theres darkness,theres also a light,and this light was you ♥
I didnt knew how to act next to you,i was all weird,nervous and foolish smiling
I was so afraid to tell you,i wanted protect you of myself and my hard world...
But those feelings couldnt beat the feeling i had to you when we did it,because i was not afraid to get lost in you,because i want make you happy and make you smile,this is enough for me ♥
We are so alike and have alot in common i cannot believe how lucky im to have you my dear,even say ''i love you'' in my mind each time we talk because im already lost on you,because youre all the time in my mind ♥
Each time youre sad i always will make my best to see you smile again,i really would do anything for you if i could or the max i can,because you're special for me and if someone make you sad they just got the worse enemy ever because i'll really go mad at them,because no one hurts my bae ♥
I'll be glad to one day see your face next to mine and spend the whole time with you how much it last,and if one day i change and be a freaking dick asshole to you...slap me and kiss me,to make me remenber youre the wonderful person i ever meet,because i cant deny how much you make me love you more ♥
Rakastan sua Cat ♥

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My Life

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Jul 6, 2015
12:10 am
Jul 5, 2015
11:07 pm
Jul 5, 2015
8:36 pm
Jul 5, 2015
7:39 pm
Jul 5, 2015
6:05 pm

Hey,Who are you ?!

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My birthday badge

Art by DJ-Sketches

Dessa/17/Genderfluid/Bissexual/Taken ♥

My Mood: Recovering
Last Update: 03/07/15

My art Status:

Important Things
Point Comissions: PricesI'll keep editing the prices
What i can draw:
What i may draw:
Mild Gore
Mild Sexual Theme
More than a Chara
What i dont draw:
Fandoms ( it will be turned to my own style )
Hate art
Intensive Gore
Intensive Sexual Theme
Half Body: 80 Points
Full Body: 100 :points:
 ( Colored: +50 :points: )

Tradicional Art ( Colored )
Half Body: 200 :points:
Full Body: 300 :points:

Normal chibis: 200 :points:
Cheebs: 100 :points:
Potato Chibi: 80 :points: //noexample//
Half Body: 200 :points:
Full Body: 300 :points:
To do list and Wait list - IGNORE:bulletgreen:= Finishing
:bulletyellow:= In Progress
:bulletblack:= Not Started
:bulletpurple:= Must Redraw
My to do list:
- Personal Things -
:bulletyellow: Character List - Redraw
:bulletyellow: Doodles
- Art Trades and Others -
- Point Comissions List -
[Bullet; Black]:icondragonwarrior25: (2x - One in poll )
[Bullet; Black]:icontrishaaaaaa: (full body)
[Bullet; Black]:iconSpeedCircuit: (2x)
- Working At The Moment -
[Bullet; Black]:icondaze-z:
[Bullet; Black]:iconxxcaramelauroraxx:
[Bullet; Black]:icontamarathet:
- Waiting List - (Next Comissioners)
People who own me something:
Pairing ListEDIT: Added new couples and also need to know when we can rp the planned couples if possible c: ~ also need to know what to do with the unsure ones fuuuuuuu
Bullet; Green= Taken
Bullet; Yellow= Dating
Bullet; Black= Planned
Bullet; Purple= Unsure
With Dr-Galaxy ( We have too many )
Bullet; Green Raiden X Roselynn Bullet; Green
Bullet; Green Devon X Addie Bullet; Green
Bullet; Green Dimitri X Harriet Bullet; Green
Chers X Shiloh
Noah X Cody
Spike X Renesmee
This Dudeh Contest ( OPEN )Well as you guys know i took alooooooooot of time planning my second contest ever
wow long time without a contest and im really anxious to know if people will actually join
i've worked hard to save points and other things for this contest so plz take a look and spread around ^w^ ~
Lets Goo !! ~
.: Theme :.
its a very simple theme actually,all you have to do its draw Alex,based on his story,personality,likes,or anything related that can give you inspiration to draw him like songs,cosplaying,etc let your imagination flow like how you imagine him being and acting <3 ~
Alex References ( so far ) -->   
Plz read his ref and comment to have a better idea of how he is ~
.: Rules :.
. I'll accept any kind of style,Anthro,Human,Kemonomimi,Feral,Fandom,Etc
.Tradicional,Digital,Pixel,Animation and Chibis are acceptable but it need be colored
.You can do more than one entry but only 2 in max
.Mild Sexual theme/mild nudity its accept

Current Music/Speedpaint

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The Marriage Team

~ The Marriage Team ~

Name of Image

FuneralCat DyeDy Dr-Galaxy

Gosh this is the Gaynest Team in the world
Just look at the bbys who are in it

Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ??!
This gurl is such a gay waifu
but but bby wait
this is the best waifu i have
just just
shes the Gay Sassy Queen ~
i'd marry u in RL...AGAIN,just cause
ur sassyness gurl ~
u make my Anaconda go ~ :heart:

And this peep bby waifu
shes the touchable waifu EVEEEEEEEEEERRR
but bby wait
shes mine //shot
yet shes the Gay Gore Queen okay ?!
ohh mahhh queeennnnnnn ~
make me a king tooodaaayyyyy ~ :heart:
cuz im your molester moon //shot//uknowwhatimeanbae

Then what i can say for both ?
i'm terrible with words but what i can say is that they both are awesome
really hope oneday i meet them in rl so we can go make a booty party//shot
theyre the best friends someone can have so youre allowed to be jelly mwahahah
seriously imma go with them for Las Vegas to a Hangover heueuheheeh
or no since the bae want marry in Paris .3.' //shot ahahah fuk the money //slappedhard

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